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“Coaching with Manj became the most productive part of my week and helped me discover ways to deploy my expertise with greater impact and success, bridging the gap between being a skilled marketing practitioner and being a business leader.”

Andrew Warner, EMEA Marketing Director, Expedia

Manj uses established and highly effective tools and methodologies targeted at behavioural change, performance improvement and a success mindset when providing coaching.

The methodologies utilised stem from scientific studies and academic research in the field of excellence and peak performance. As an experienced performance coach, he has a proven and successful track record in helping deliver the required changes within teams and individuals; improving their ability to powerfully focus on tasks and working on managing their state in often high-pressured environments.

Manj does much more than simply inform and provoke new thinking. Traditional training operates at the level of ‘skills and knowledge’, as seen in the ‘Neurological Levels’* diagram below:

The coaching he delivers addresses, when required, the vital areas of beliefs, values, identity and purpose. It has been shown that changes in these areas for individuals and teams lead to faster results.

Each coaching programme is geared towards results and, working with your business, is designed to deliver a return on investment for each coaching assignment. All engagements are carefully thought through and professionally delivered without exception.

*Neurological Levels, Robert Dilts (1990), Logical Levels of Learning, Gregory Bateson (1972)

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