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Manj’s understanding of human relationships and family dynamics, along with the triggers that lead to either happiness and fulfillment or disappointment and frustration, has helped him become a highly regarded international family advisor. He has helped individuals, couples and families achieve truly inspiring results and often in very complex situations.

He has a deep interest in the humanistic side of psychology, in self-expression, self-actualisation and the latent ability we all have to positively impact our own lives and the lives of those around us; to generate a harmonious mental climate, allowing the realisation of our full human potential.

Manj is an expert in relaxation techniques and his keynote speeches includes subjects such as successful living, life satisfaction and happiness.

He is currently helping notable families and entrepreneurs in the areas of happiness, relationships, well-being, successful children, business legacy, philanthropy and the human aspect of next generation wealth transitioning.

As with all aspects of his work, Manj operates with the highest levels of integrity, discretion and confidentiality.

“Manj and his approach has assisted me greatly both personally and in my businesses. He is a talented individual and I recommended him highly as a coach and mentor.”

Tom Singh OBE, Investor & Founder of New Look Fashion

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